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Welcome Message wycKoff's Plumbing was established in 1948. Today, it employs 10 plumbers, one pump repair specialist

Wyckoff's Plumbing is a residential, commercial and industrial plumbing contractor that is dedicated to quality. We offer our plumbing services to clients throughout the Humboldt County, California area. We have been locally owned and operated since 1948. This allows us to build relationships with our clients, which lets us provide personalized services.

"A big thank you to all of our Humboldt County customers"

Ryan Reback, Owner

Septic Tank Pumping

About one-third of homes have a septic systems. A septic pump truck cleans the scum, sludge and effluent from a septic tank.

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Water Line Repair

Interior water lines run from the main water shut off valve location to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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Plumbing Repair

Our well-known jingle says it all: When you trust Wyckoff's Plumbing, your plumbing and drain problems are

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Bathroom Plumbing

Wyckoff's Plumbing can fix common plumbing problems in the bathroom. Some of the problems include

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